News and Projects

2019 and counting

Back in March of 2017, Kristin Heckler whom I knew from The New School for Drama, cast me in an On Her Shoulders reading at New Perspectives Theatre Company directed by Mary Hodges. That led to Mary casting me this past Summer in a one-act festival also at New Perspectives. In that evening of one-acts was another actor, Mary Sheridan, who asked me to play a character in Tongue of a Bird which she produced and starred in that played late 2018. That play was seen by Vanessa Bombardieri and Cyndy Marion from White Horse Theater Company who cast me in a developmental reading of a play written by Cyndy this past weekend! And that is the way the theater community works. I love it when one thing leads to another.


For the past 2 years or so, I have been creating a performance piece with New Dance Theatre which is now called Asylum. We have been generating material, performing excerpts in festivals, raising money, and now finally, we are exactly a month away from our opening night. Please come see this. I'm proud to still be dancing after all these years, proud to be working with this talented group of artists, and proud to be presenting this piece on the important subject matter of the stigma of mental illness. 

Here's the link for tickets. I'll see you there.

Wow, it's been a great year!

So I've been a bit remiss on updating my blog! Which is too bad, because I've had a great year! I finally made it to the NY Fringe Festival with Theater Uzume's production of "Lamia" which I worked on throughout it's development for 2 years! We had some wonderful reviews and houses, and I was so glad to finally perform in this festival. I played the Narrator. 

I've also been working with New Dance Theater in developing a piece about residents of a mental institution appropriately called "Asylum". So far we've performed a 15 minute excerpt of in the Dark Night Festival of Access Theater/New Light Theater Project as well as a longer excerpt in a festival with Emerging Artist Theater. We're continuing to develop this piece to a full-length piece which we hope to produce in Spring 2017. 

I also had a wonderful time performing 3 different male characters in "Women Playing Hamlet" with Tongue in Cheek Theater. It was a wonderful experience with performances at Shetler Studios theater space. What made it even better was that I met Artistic Director Jake Lipman in the Monday Night Class at Actor's Green Room which gave me the feeling that one thing is leading to another! I love this feeling! 

I've met 14 casting directors at Actor's Green Room this year and numerous CD's through EPA's with Actor's Equity. I was also called in to audition for productions at Access Theater and another Fringe piece. I wasn't cast in these 2 shows, but I won the room and made great connections! 

Finally, I'm starting rehearsals tomorrow for The Ross Howard Short Play Festival at Access Theater, and I'm thrilled to be working with them as well as director Abby Wylan. 

And who knows what November and December will bring?